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The authoritarian personality – why some voters feel drawn to populism and how to lure them away Politics on the Couch

In this episode host Rafael Behr talks to Dr Karen Stenner, the political psychologist & behavioral economist best known for long ago predicting the rise of Trump-like figures uner the kinds of conditions we now confront. Her research on authoritarianism and 'Far Right' politics uses psychological theories and methods (in particular, Randomized Controlled Trials) to explain human behavior. She also use those same theories and methods (particularly RCTs) to shift human behavior via communications and campaigns (of every kind), including designing and embedding messages that de-activate authoritarianism and diminish expressions of intolerance and racism in a society. We also discuss the recent Labour victory in the Australian general election and the part that 'independent teals' played. If you'd like to find out more about Dr Stenner and work please visit her site: https://www.karenstenner.com And you may find her articles below of particular interest. For Hope Not Hate on how to help authoritarians live in peace with liberal democracy. https://hopenothate.org.uk/2020/11/01/authoritarianism Her recent piece with Jessica Stern for Foreign Policy on how liberal democracy must treat authoritarianism as a chronic condition to be managed. https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/02/11/capitol-insurrection-trump-authoritarianism-psychology-innate-fear-envy-change-diversity-populism/ This podcast is hosted by ZenCast.fm
  1. The authoritarian personality – why some voters feel drawn to populism and how to lure them away
  2. The authenticity gap – can Labour seize the post-Boris moment?
  3. The Megacrisis – how the world's problems piled up – a conversation with Helen Thompson
  4. Is Democracy Rational? A conversation with Steven Pinker
  5. Order and chaos – why the left keeps losing

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