Update: I am no good at updates

My apologies to anyone who has been visiting this site in recent months. I have not been diligent in posting links to the columns and essays I have written, or the podcasts I have recorded. Looking at the date on the post before this one, it seems I haven’t been here since November last year. If it hadn’t been my own name, I probably would have forgotten the URL.

The neglect is partly because I have been distracted writing a book, about which I will post something here soon. Writing books turns out to be every bit as time-consuming – as all-consuming – as people warned me it would be. I didn’t listen. Now I know.

Meanwhile, all of my Guardian columns and podcasts are available here.

A conversation with Steven Pinker

I haven’t updated this site for a while. In the unlikely event that anyone visits it to catch up with what I have been writing for the Guardian, that is all here. (The latest one was on Boris Johnson and the shallowness of Tory conversion to the cause of carbon reduction.)

But the reason for posting today is the arrival of a new Politics on the Couch podcast – on rationality and democracy, recorded in person with Professor Steven Pinker.